Wednesday, 29 August 2007

The Beastie Boys, RDS, March 10th 1995..

And then they came back to play the RDS a year later. This time with support from the jon Spencer Blues Explosion and Hurricane.



nialler9 said...

that's great. Where you at this? I only knw they played in Galway in 96 I think but I don't remember much else. Nice set list too...

Le Catch said... Biggest nerd site I've ever found. With the Galway gig nearly 10 years ago Sat will be their 4th trip to Ireland. Not much for 28 years!

OneForTheRoad said...

there was a great interview with Scary Eire in Mongrel a few months ago. Funny stuff.

Think their album is finally getting a release 10 years later..

Le Catch said...

Yeah, I heard that...will have to pick up a copy!