Monday, 23 July 2007

Up Next Week

Next Sunday at 9pm we'll be looking at Moon Safari by French outfit Air.

Don't forget that the Jackson C. Frank show will be repeated next Sunday morning at 7 if you're still awake!


Rojo said...

I love Moon Safari!!

Le Catch said...

Yeah, a great album! My sister bought it before me, but before she could listen to it...I borrowed it and managed to stand on it somehow. The whole CD cracked and I left it back in the room. She brought it back to the shop demanding a refund as she thought it had been like that when she bought it and they told her to sod off. To this day she still whines about it....and she'll never know the truth if I get my way!

OneForTheRoad said...

PLay the single version of Sexy Boy though, not the album version which is rubbish.

Le Catch said...

Good call!

aoife mc said...

Ah brilliant! One of my earlier gigs was Air in The Olympia about ten or twelve years ago. If I remember correctly Sean Lennon was their support. But I could be wrong. I love this album. I'll be tuning in.

Am I way too late for this??:

I was born in Monaghan, but grew up in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia from the age of 4 to 14, then went to boarding school in Dublin, and then Uni in London. All of which, of course, explains the Canadian accent.

When I moved back to Dublin from Saudi Arabia, I didn't really understand what stamps were.

I recorded an album of original material last year called The Chocolate Teapot. I don't have the balls to set up a myspage page for it, let alone release it. Work in progress.

One of my favourite memories is visiting Nashville and Memphis, Tennessee with my Dad when I was 9 years old. We went to Graceland and The Grand Old Opry.

I went to school with one of Idi Amin's sons, and met Osama Bin Laden's nephew at a party once in Saudi. They both really liked hip hop and were nice guys.

For most of my young life, I wanted to be a taxi driver in New York. That or a radio DJ.

One of my most embarrassing moments is falling asleep in the middle of an English class. That I was teaching. Cringe. Very hungover.

I do not have an iPod, nor would I have a clue how to download music onto one. Shock!

aoife mc said...

That's the 8 facts by the way :)

Le Catch said...

I was half way through that wondering what the hell it was all about until it dawned on me! thanks for that....and some brilliant facts there! Any chance of a sneak mp3 from the Chocolate Teapot? Ah go on!

RapturePonies said...

lol...great minds rick wise! speaking of teapots can i come visit soon?

on the subject of air...i think i got a present of moon safari, adn listened to it solidly for about 3 1/2 weeks, nothing else! i still come back to it, it's a really good one!

well done catch a roonies!

Critical Junk said...

aaaaahhhhh I love this album, what an inspired choice...

aoife mc, I had NO IDEA what you were on about at first but I copped it half way down.

Fab facts...the osama clan...idi amin....gosh!

Bring on The Choclate Teapot by the way...;)

I really am going to try and catch Sundays show Le Catch!!

Le Catch said...

Ha ha! Are you now? If you do...stick around for the Bedrock show afterwards.....10-Midnight and I'll play you a few songs....or you can listen in on tomorrows night Bedtrock as I'm filling in for John Caddell! Get your requests in now!

aoife mc said...

It was pretty random - apologies!
Fuck this weather wha?

Le Catch said...

lol! Ditto!