Monday, 9 July 2007


Sorry for the lack of updates over the last few weeks.....but all of us in Phantom Towers have been very busy setting up Camp Phantom down in Oxegen 2007. It was a mad few weeks for a lot of people working in Phantom and a very busy weekend for everyone.

The Phantom crew

But we had great fun and did a great job. Loads of great links and interviews and loads of great pics. Here's a few!

(back L-r) Nadine, Emer, Rosin, Sarah-Ann, Louise (front L-r) Caz, Ruth, Brian

Michael Stipe and Myself
Myself and Dave Crean at Tori Amos
Arcade Fire go Climbing and Tim Robbins takes pics....surreal!
Nadine (The Kiosk) and Emer (Phantom 'Good' News)
I'll be back later with an update on the show.


Critical Junk said...

Lucky you, looks like you had a cool time! Is that yourself with Mr. Stipe??

Le Catch said...

Yeah it was great fun alright! Met all of REM, Hosh Hartnet (?), Babyshambles, Bright Eyes, Rufus Wrainwright + band, Albert Hammond Jr + more al in the space of 15 minutes backstage after Bright Eyes played! Maddest few minutes of my life!

toni Ireton said...

you look like you had an awsome time, very jelous as i didnt get to go, but lived thwo it vicariously thow phantom

Una said...

cool photees!

Le Catch said...

Yeah, it was good ol' fun alright....still a bit tired despite sleeping all of yesterday! Should be plenty more photos up on in the next few days!

Anonymous said...

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